On January 24, 2024, the AJM Packaging Corporation (“AJM”), Aspen Products, Inc. (“Aspen”), Dart Container Corporation (“Dart”), Hoffmaster Group, Inc. (“Hoffmaster”), Huhtamaki Americas, Inc. (“Huhtamaki”), and Unique Industries, Inc. (“Unique”), collectively known as the American Paper Plate Coalition (the “APPC” or “Petitioner”), filed a petition for the imposition of antidumping duties on imports of certain paper plates from the People’s Republic of China, the Kingdom of Thailand and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and countervailing duties on imports of certain paper plates from the People’s Republic of China, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 


The following language describes the imported merchandise from China that is within the

scope of this Petition:

The merchandise subject to this investigation is certain paper plates. Paper plates subject to this investigation may be uncolored, white, colored, or printed. Printed paper plates subject to this investigation may have any type of surface finish, and may be printed by any means with images, text and/or colors on one or both surfaces. Colored paper plates subject to this investigation may be colored by any method, including but not limited to printing, beater-dyeing, and dip-dyeing. Paper plates subject to this investigation may be produced from paper of any type, may have any caliper or basis weight, may have any shape or size, may have one or more than one section, may be embossed, may have foil or other substances adhered to their surface, and/or may be uncoated or coated with any type of coating.

The paper plates subject to this investigation remain covered by the scope of this investigation whether imported alone, or in any combination of subject and non-subject merchandise.  The paper plates subject to this investigation include paper plates matching the above description that have been finished, packaged, or otherwise processed in a third country by performing finishing, packaging, or processing that would not otherwise remove the merchandise from the scope of the investigations if performed in the country of manufacture of the paper plates. Excluded from the scope of this investigation are paper plates produced directly from liquid fiber that is formed into the desired shape and then cured.

Also excluded from the scope of this investigation are paper bowls, paper buckets, and paper food containers with closeable lids.


The American Paper Plate Coalition is comprised of six producers of paper plates in the United States:

AJM Packaging Corporation E-4111 Andover Rd Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Website: www.ajmpack.com Contact: Robert Epstein President Phone: (248) 901-0010 Email: repstein@ajmpack.com  Aspen Products, Inc. 4231 Clary Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64130 Website: www.aspenpro.com Contact: William Biggins, Jr. Owner Phone: (816) 921-0234 Email: bigginsjr@aspenpro.com
Dart Container Corporation 500 Hogsback Road Mason, MI 48854 Website: www.dartcontainer.com Contact: Frank Liesman EVP and General Counsel Phone: (517) 248-5960 Email: Frank.Liesman- GeneralCounsel@dart.biz  Hoffmaster Group, Inc. 2920 North Main Street Oshkosh, WI 54901 Website: www.hoffmaster.com Contact: Craig Cappel CEO Phone: (800) 558-9300 Email: Craig.Cappel@hoffmaster.com  
Huhtamaki Americas, Inc. 9201 Packaging Drive De Soto, KS 66018 Website: www.huhtamaki.com Contact: Rochelle Stringer VP and General Counsel, Americas Phone: (913) 583-3025 Email: rochelle.stringer@huhtamaki.comUnique Industries, Inc. 4750 League Island Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19112 Website: www.favors.com Contact: Glenn Wattenmaker VP and General Counsel Phone: (215) 336-4300 Email: gwattenmaker@favors.com



1707 L Street NW, Suite 570

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 991-2701


For a list of foreign producers/exporters alleged by Petitioners, please see Attachment I.


For a list of importers alleged by the Petitioner, please see Attachment II.


EventEarliest Date
Petition FiledJanuary 25, 2024
DOC InitiationFebruary 14, 2024
ITC Preliminary Investigation:
Questionnaires DueFebruary 8, 2024
Request to appear at hearing                                     February 13, 2024
HearingFebruary 15, 2024
BriefsFebruary 20, 2024
ITC VoteMarch 10, 2024
DOC Investigation Schedule: 
DOC Preliminary Antidumping DeterminationJuly 3, 2024
DOC Final Antidumping DeterminationSeptember 16, 2024
DOC Preliminary Countervailing DeterminationApril 19, 2024
DOC Final Countervailing DeterminationJuly 3, 2024
ITC Final Investigation: 
ITC Final AD Determination                 October 31, 2024
ITC Final CVD Determination                                  August 17, 2024


China:              142.45% – 168.45%   

Thailand:         36.97% – 42.89%

Vietnam:         255.46% – 278.56%


Above de minimis


For a list of alleged subsidies the Petitioner, please see Attachment III.


Subject Imports 2020 – 2023
 202020212022Jan-Sept 2023
Quantity (KG)27,804,26338,775,20371,569,83841,227,519
AUV ($/KG)$2.54$2.52$2.50$ 2.30
Quantity (KG)262,953108,1372,405,6811,900,693
AUV ($/KG)$2.31$2.63$2.42$ 2.39
Quantity (KG)1,365,8921,359,7032,772,0592,307,921
AUV ($/KG)$5.59$4.08$3.36$ 2.44

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