Today, the Trump Administration announced that the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has updated the U.S. sanctions list of designated individuals and entities involved in the Ukrainian conflict. The announcement was made while Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was meeting with President Trump and other officials at the White House.

This action designates 38 individuals and entities under Ukraine-related authorities, thereby blocking access to property these individuals may have in the United States and prohibiting all transactions by U.S. persons involving these individuals.

According to a press release issued by OFAC, “U.S. sanctions related to Crimea will not be lifted until Russia ends its occupation of the peninsula.” OFAC also noted that U.S. sanctions on Russia related to the situation in eastern Ukraine will continue until Russia honors its obligations under the Minsk Agreements.

For the list of sanctioned individuals, click here. The OFAC press release on the updates is available here.

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