On February 21, 2019, Petitioner Vulcan Steel Products, Inc. filed a petition for the imposition of antidumping and countervailing duties on imports of Carbon and Alloy Steel Threaded Rod from China, India, Taiwan, and Thailand.


The merchandise covered by the scope of these investigations is carbon and alloy steel threaded rod. Steel threaded rod is certain threaded rod, bar, or studs, of carbon or alloy steel, having a solid, circular cross section of any diameter, in any straight length. Steel threaded rod is normally drawn, cold-rolled, threaded, and straightened, or it may be hot-rolled. In addition, the steel threaded rod, bar, or studs subject to these investigations are non-headed and threaded along greater than 25 percent of their total actual length. A variety of finishes or coatings, such as plain oil finish as a temporary rust protectant, zinc coating (i.e., galvanized, whether by electroplating or hot-dipping), paint, epoxy, and other similar finishes and coatings, may be applied to the merchandise.

Steel threaded rod is normally produced to American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”) specifications ASTM A36, ASTM A193 B7/B7m, ASTM A193 B16, ASTM A307, ASTM A320 L7/L7M, ASTM A320 L43, ASTM A354 BC and BD, ASTM A449, ASTM F1554-36, ASTM F1554-55, ASTM F1554 Grade 105, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (“ASME”) specification ASME B18.31.3, and American Petroleum Institute (“API”) specification API 20E. All steel threaded rod meeting the physical description set forth above is covered by the scope of these investigations, whether or not produced according to a particular standard.

Subject merchandise includes material matching the above description that has been finished, assembled, or packaged in a third country, including by cutting, chamfering, coating, or painting the threaded rod, by attaching the threaded rod to, or packaging it with, another product, or any other finishing, assembly, or packaging operation that would not otherwise remove the merchandise from the scope of the investigation if performed in the country of manufacture of the threaded rod.

Carbon and alloy steel threaded rod are also included in the scope of this investigation whether or not imported attached to, or in conjunction with, other parts and accessories such as nuts and washers. If carbon and alloy steel threaded rod are imported attached to, or in conjunction with, such non-subject merchandise, only the threaded rod is included in the scope.

Excluded from the scope of these investigations are: (1) threaded rod, bar, or studs which are threaded only on one or both ends and the threading covers 25 percent or less of the total actual length; and (2) stainless steel threaded rod, defined as steel threaded rod containing, by weight, 1.2 percent or less of carbon and 10.5 percent or more of chromium, with or without other elements.

Excluded from the scope of the antidumping investigation on steel threaded rod from the People’s Republic of China is any merchandise covered by the existing antidumping order on Certain Steel Threaded Rod from the People’s Republic of China. See Certain Steel Threaded Rod from the People’s Republic of China: Notice of Antidumping Duty Order, 74 Fed. Reg. 17,154 (Dep’t Commerce Apr. 14, 2009).

Steel threaded rod is currently classifiable under subheadings 7318.15.5051, 7318.15.5056, and 7318.15.5090 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”). Subject merchandise may also enter under subheading 7318.15.2095 and 7318.19.0000 of the HTSUS. The HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and U.S. Customs purposes only. The written description of the scope is dispositive.


Vulcan Steel Products Inc.

10 Crosscreek Trail

Pelham, AL 35124


Roger B. Schagrin

Schagrin Associates

900 Seventh Street, NW, Suite 500

Washington, DC 20001


For a list of foreign producers/exporters alleged by Petitioner, please see Attachment I.


For a list of importers alleged by Petitioner, please see Attachment II.


Event Earliest Date
Petition Filed February 21, 2019
DOC Initiation March 13, 2019
ITC Preliminary Investigation:
Questionnaires Due March 7, 2019
Request to appear at hearing March 11, 2019
Hearing March 14, 2019
Briefs March 19, 2019
ITC Vote April 8, 2019
DOC Preliminary Antidumping Determination July 31, 2019
DOC Preliminary CVD Determination May 17, 2019
DOC Final Antidumping Determination October 14, 2019
DOC Final CVD Determination July 31, 2019
ITC Final Determination November 28, 2019


China: 53.57% – 55.60%

India: 25.43% – 28.34%

Taiwan: 32.10%

Thailand: 20.3%


For a list of alleged countervailing duty programs, please see Attachment III.


2016 2017 Jan-Nov 2017 2018 Jan-Nov 2018 e
Volume (1,000lbs) 64,305 94,292 86,925 114,960 125,411
Value ($) 51,556,294 73,523,015 66,902,847 100,195,694 109,304,393
AUV ($/lb) $0.80 $0.78 $0.77 $0.87 $0.87
Volume (1,000lbs) 61,126 70,322 64,620 66,899 72,981
Value ($) 26,515,623 32,025,790 29,383,032 35,642,758 38,883,009
AUV ($/lb) $0.43 $0.46 $0.45 $0.53 $0.53
Volume (1,000lbs) 42,105 38,252 35,495 40,640 44,334
Value ($) 43,349,601 49,012,061 45,500,499 49,699,795 54,217,958
AUV ($/lb) $1.03 $1.28 $1.28 $1.22 $1.22
Volume (1,000lbs) 12,096 10,245 9,251 10,776 11,756
Value ($) 5,201,937 4,932,824 4,433,335 5,605,107 6,114,662
AUV ($/lb) $0.43 $0.48 $0.48 $0.52 $0.52


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