On May 11, 2021, the Department of Commerce (“Commerce”) initiated antidumping duty (“AD”) investigations of raw honey from Argentina, Brazil, India, Ukraine, and Vietnam. The petitioners in this case are the American Honey Producers Association and Sioux Honey Association. See our previous post summarizing the petition for details on the scope of the investigations and for lists of the importers and exporters named in the petition.

The International Trade Commission (“ITC”) is currently scheduled to make its preliminary determination on or before June 7, 2021. If the ITC determines that there is reasonable indication that imports of raw honey materially injure or threaten the U.S. domestic industry, the investigation will continue, and Commerce will be scheduled to announce its preliminary determination on September 28, 2021. If the ITC’s determination is negative—finding that imports of raw honey do not pose a risk of injury to the domestic industry—the investigations will be terminated.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the AD investigations on imports of raw honey, please contact Husch Blackwell’s International Trade and Supply Chain team.