The latest on Russia sanctions from the International Trade and Supply Chain Team
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On September 1, 2022, the U.S. Department of Commerce published a notice that it is automatically initiating five-year Sunset Reviews for antidumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) orders from:

  1. People’s Republic of China
    • Paper Clips (5th Review) A–570–826
  2. France
    • Brass Sheet & Strip (5th Review) A–427–602
  3. Germany
    • Brass Sheet & Strip (5th Review) A–428–602
  4. Italy
    • Brass Sheet & Strip (5th Review) A–475–601
  5. Japan
    • Brass Sheet & Strip (5th Review) A–588–704
    • SS Sheet & Strip (4th Review) A–588–845
  6. South Korea
    • SS Sheet & Strip (4th Review) A–580–834
    • SS Sheet & Strip (4th Review) C–580–835
  7. Taiwan
    • SS Sheet & Strip (4th Review) A–583–831
  8. UAE
    • Steel Nails (2nd Review) A–520–804
  9. Russia
    • Uranium (5th Review) A–821–802

Husch Blackwell’s International Trade and Supply Chain team has extensive experience in these types of proceedings and encourages those who believe they may be affected to contact us.