As tensions between Cuba and the United States continue to thaw, President Obama made a historic announcement today – the U.S. and Cuba will reopen embassies in each other’s capitals. This could prove a watershed moment in the push to normalize relationships between the two countries. Estimates are that the embassies will open by month end, with Secretary of State John Kerry traveling to Cuba for the official opening. This development echoes White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s response to his first ever question taken from a Cuban reporter last May – that the White House hoped the two countries would reopen embassies.

While Iran has taken center stage in current foreign policy discussions, Congress and the Administration are keenly aware that Cuba is on deck. Following President Obama’s historic meeting with Cuban President Raúl Castro and his announcement of intent to remove Cuba from the list of states that sponsor terrorism, members of Congress have responded by introducing bills both supporting and opposing the President’s policies, including: